Dr. Peter Bonutti Shares Ways to Balance Clinical Work and Product Development
Dr. Peter Bonutti Shares Ways to Balance Clinical Work and Product Development
JAS Receives ABC Accreditation
JAS Receives ABC Accreditation
ASHT Annual Meeting
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ASHT Annual Meeting
Hyatt Regency in Dallas, Texas
September-20-22, 2018
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About JAS

Joint Active Systems (JAS) is the innovator and market leader for adjunctive stress relaxation and low-load stretch therapy, the proven approach for fast and effective joint range of motion (ROM) restoration. JAS has been providing high performance solutions for ROM recovery since 1992, for over 100,000 patients. With unequaled design technology and multiple product lines, JAS moves beyond convention to assure the best results for patients challenged with range of motion loss.


The Best Choice For ROM Therapy
Stress relaxation and low-load stretch are fundamental and proven treatment approaches for permanently stretching shortened tissues surrounding joints, to restore ROM and function for patients following injury, surgery, or disease. Stress relaxation and low-load stretch is the stretching technique used by therapists when providing hands–on ROM therapy. It only makes sense to send patients home with the same stretch protocol used by professionally trained therapists. Adjunctive stress relaxation and low-load stretch splinting has been proven to be safe and effective by more peer-reviewed published studies than any other stretch technique.

Unequaled Patient Compliance
For any home therapy program to be effective, patients must be compliant! JAS devices are designed to be easy to apply, comfortable to wear, and simple to use. The recommended JAS treatment protocol of three 30-minute sessions per day has been proven effective in peer-reviewed literature, and fosters unequaled patient comfort and compliance. And compliance directly equates to better results and successful rehab outcomes.