Dr. Peter Bonutti Shares Ways to Balance Clinical Work and Product Development
Dr. Peter Bonutti Shares Ways to Balance Clinical Work and Product Development
JAS Completes Acquisition of Empi Advance ROM
JAS Completes Acquisition of Empi Advance ROM
ASHT Annual Meeting
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ASHT Annual Meeting
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September-20-22, 2018
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How JAS Works

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Stress Relaxation and Low-load Stretch Therapy.
Stress relaxation and low-load stretch are established stretching techniques that safely and efficiently restore normal length to shortened tissues surrounding a joint, allowing for motion and use when stiffness develops after injury. Stress relaxation and low-load stretch can be carried out by hand (via a therapist) or by using JAS and JAS EZ product systems. During an stress relaxation and low-load stretch therapy session, the joint is brought to a pain-free stretched position and held there for several minutes, to allow for the surrounding tissues to relax and lengthen. Once this occurs the joint is stretched and held again, and more lengthening is achieved. This process is repeated several times to complete a JAS treatment session.

Different By Design™ - Move Beyond Convention.
Patented design technology allows JAS systems to deliver pain free, patient-directed range of motion (ROM) therapy through a greater arc of motion than any other brand of stretch device. Our motion arm design eliminates painful joint compression that is unavoidable with all other brands of stretch devices. JAS devices work in both directions of motion, cutting rental and purchase costs in half compared to most other brands of stretch device.

Patient-controlled Therapy
JAS devices give you total control in carrying out your ROM therapy. You control the degree of stretch at all times with an infinitely adjustable turning knob. Pain, risk of tissue injury, and muscle guarding are virtually eliminated as a result.

Shorter Treatment Times
The JAS System therapy reduces treatment time by 80% as compared to alternative systems. Effective JAS results require just three 30-minute sessions per day. Alternative devices, by contrast, can require 6- to 8-hour continuous wear time per day. JAS therapy will not interfere with your normal daily activities, or keep you awake at night. JAS devices are lightweight and portable, so JAS sessions can be done where and when is convenient for you; at home, work, even during travel.