Dr. Peter Bonutti Shares Ways to Balance Clinical Work and Product Development
Dr. Peter Bonutti Shares Ways to Balance Clinical Work and Product Development
JAS Completes Acquisition of Empi Advance ROM
JAS Completes Acquisition of Empi Advance ROM
ASHT Annual Meeting
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ASHT Annual Meeting
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The JAS and JAS EZ ROM systems comfortably stretch your patients beyond what’s possible with the competition. The key to success is in product design. With patented Motion Tower and Motion Arm technology, JAS and JAS EZ are the ONLY product lines that “unload the joint” – reducing painful joint surface loading during use. JAS geometry applies soft tissue distraction and stretch loads 90° to the extremity through the entire range of motion. JAS systems deliver pain free, patient-directed ROM therapy through a greater arc of motion than any other brand of stretch device. Move beyond the competition and see the proven outcomes achievable with JAS and JAS EZ.

Joint Force - Biomechanics

The Right Features

We feel the best model for joint therapy is a Therapist manually tractioning an extremity. JAS’s unique geometry mimics the forces and loading vectors therapists employ. JAS geometry displaces the stretching force away from the joint surface (distraction). The stretching force is applied ninety degrees to the extremity while it follows the articulation of the joint. JAS design also places the joint in a single plane with the drive tower and extremity throughout the rotation of the joint. We call this “Single Plane Positioning” It virtually eliminates joint malalignment.

Competitive designs innappropriately use the joint surface as the fulcrum of forces applied to stretch the extremity, compressing the joint and articular cartilage. These compressive loads coupled with malalignment increase risk for the patient to experience discomfort and pain. Discomfort and pain result in poor patient compliance!

Plenty of Stretching Force

Recent claims by a JAS competitor would indicate that SPS units are only capable of generating anywhere from 5.2 foot pounds of force 7.6 foot pounds of force. They must not have tested a JAS unit! In bench studies, JAS SPS knee units generated 85-foot pounds of resistance at the joint position before device failure. These values compare favorably with Physical Therapy at 65-foot pounds of force.