JAS Receives ABC Accreditation
JAS Receives ABC Accreditation
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Dr. Peter Bonutti Shares Ways to Balance Clinical Work and Product Development
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JAS News: JAS NEWS: Exciting NEW Feature! JAS Knee with Lower Leg Stabilizer


8/30/2011 -

JAS is excited to announce a major breakthrough with the JAS Durable Knee system. Our design team has been working diligently over the past 18 months finding to further reduce point loading with our current JAS Durable Knee design. 

Eight months ago we tried a novel solution integrating a new pivot point above the calf. This showed great promise in initial test groups. We then expanded this program to larger controlled test groups. Not only did we find that patients gave top comfort scores to the new design, clinics that had stopped using our Knee units began using the JAS Knee again!

Today we are pleased to make the JAS Lower Leg Stabilizer standard on ALL outgoing JAS Durable Knees. 

JAS Knee with Lower Leg Stabilizer features: 

  • The tibia cuff can be adjusted proximally and distally, and it has a pivot / rocker feature. 

  • These features allow the cuff to remain flush with the tibia as the knee angle changes through the range of motion. 

  • The net result is that the load from the device is optimally distributed across the length of the tibia, virtually eliminating point loading.

  • The lower leg stabilizer is free floating, and can rock freely 10° in either direction. A thumb screw gives the option of locking the stabilizer at any particular angle. 

  • Additionally, a posterior calf shell with Velcro Straps is provided for a more secure fit.

Contact us to learn more about the JAS Durable Knee with the new Lower Leg Stabilizer today!